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Shelby Davis




When I was 10 years old, I created a potion. The goal was to mix and mash things together to create special concoctions that would make my friends feel and look their best. Lets just say the smashed flowers and pool water did not make all of my friends hair grow 10” overnight, but it sure made all of us feel gorgeous, and it made me realize my love for the beauty industry. Since then, I never gave up on the idea of making people feel more confident and beautiful from the inside out.

I’m a Hair Connoisseur. When I’m not spending time with my family, you’ll find me creating new relationships with guests, and sharing my passion with the world. I’m a colorist, and extension specialist with an eye for the perfect blonde, a stunning balayage, and rich, dimensional brunettes.

I created Cultivate Hair Salon to invoke a different salon experience, One not just based on producing luxury results, but instead a space focused on ensuring you feel just as stunning as you look. I wanted the environment to be full of fun loving and caring people who will build a relationship with you and simply aim to amplify each client’s profound and unique beauty.

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