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We’re here to do so much more than just cut hair. Cultivate Hair Salon believes in creating lasting relationships that make you comfortable from the moment you walk in, to leaving you feeling confident as could be when you walk out. 


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Cultivate Hair Salon was built from an intense passion. A passion for people, for love, for kindness, and most of all, a passion for making every guest that walks into our salon, look and more importantly feel their absolute best by the time they walk out.

Cultivate provides a fresh, clean, and delightful retreat from everyday worries. We strive to be different. Built with an environment that celebrates your natural beauty, and simply enhances the gorgeous person you are, on the inside and out.

We strive to build amazing connections and to create a safe and relaxing place for all of our guests. Cultivate Hair Salon is a sisterhood, where everyone is welcome!



Balayage is a french term, meaning “To Sweep”. The reason it turned into a word for hair, is because we hand paint your hair using a sweeping motion! Balayage’s can range from being sun kissed, to bright and beaming. The key to this style is that it’s made to mimic    how the sun would naturally  lighten someones hair! 

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The Best Cheat Sheet For Keeping Your Hair Healthy!

We all dream of long, luxurious, healthy hair – But few people can achieve that! Follow our guide for gorgeous, glowing, strong locks!

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