In today’s world of hair coloring, there are twelve million different techniques and so many different ways to go about achieving looks. Today, to try and make things a little less complicated for our gorgeous guests, I wanted to share the differences between some of the MOST popular techniques in the salon!



If you’re sitting here wondering why the hell I’m speaking a foreign language with this word, its probably because I am!

Balayage is a french term, meaning “To Sweep”.

The reason it was turned into a word for hair, is because we actually hand paint your hair using a sweeping motion!

Overtime, this word has transitioned from it simply being a technique to achieve an ombre, to being a style of its own. Balayage’s can range from being sun kissed, to bright and beaming. The key to this amazing style is that its made to mimic how the sun would naturally lighten someones hair!

Below I’m attaching a few photos ranging from a super intense balayage, to a super natural balayage!

As you can see, Balayage can be very versatile, but the common factor between every balayage out there, is that the guests natural hair color usually stays the same near the root, resulting in a hair color that will last you from 3-6 months before having to get your hair redone!

This is the most popular technique at Cultivate, and we hope this stunning style never goes away!

Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this series! Ill be dissecting what the heck baby-lights are and why you want them!

Are you ready for the most low maintenance yet trendy color ever?

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