The #1 Question I Get Asked About Hair Extensions:

Isn’t It A Pain In The A**?

Okay…. Maybe this isn’t the number one question I get asked, but the number of people who wonder this always surprises me.

My Honest Answer: NOPE!

You would think having more hair would make life harder… I totally thought that after I got NBR installed, my life would be a nightmare. Holy cow, was I wrong. Having extensions has made my life a breeze. Scroll down to check out my nightly routine, and how I keep my hair routine effortless, while maintaining the pretty style!


First Things First

The day I wash my hair, I rough dry it, and throw some loose beachy waves in it! I will link the tutorial for that below! Before bed, I throw my hair into two loose braids (cause lets face it, doing one in the back of my head is damn near impossible) Then, go to bed.

Make Some Waves

When I wake up, I simply take my hair out of the braids, and magically, my previous days curls are still there, and a little bit more body is added to my hair. The key to keeping the curl and not making your hair kinky, is to ensure your braids the night prior are LOOSE!



until rinsing is necessary 😉 at the end of a long day I’m exhausted, and the LAST thing i want to do is wash my hair. Gross? maybe. Time saving? yes, and totally worth it! Y’all, before NBR, I washed my hair every other day… now, I wait 4-5 days before washing it!!! Kevin Murphy’s Dry shampoo has become my best friend, and my hair is easier, and healthier than ever!

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